Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why It's Not A Good Idea To Mix California Gurls With Liquids

California Gurls
they're so undrinkable
they always
get stuck in your straw
put them in the blender
still insoluble
oh oh whoa oh
oh oh whoa oh

California Gurls
not liquifyable
chunks of them
they ruin your shake
they don't melt
so solid
have to pick them out
oh oh whoa oh
oh oh whoa oh

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kelly: No Text Message Break Up

Recent Features on Zibbet and LOC Design Studio

I have been very remiss about updating this blog, and really should have posted that last week I was the Featured Zibbeter on the front page of Zibbet. I'm no longer on the front page, but you can read my interview here.

Also, the lovely and talented Vicki of LOC Design Studio - who is AMAZINGLY talented and a fantastic multi-tasker: not only does she run THREE different shops, but she also writes her own blog and blogs for Zibbet! - was kind enough to feature me on her blog. You can read that feature here.

This week Vicki is featuring Barbara LaBosco of All About the Buttons on Zibbet. I encourage you to check out that feature as well - Barbara has some really cool stuff!

Music Video: Eggshells

This is a music video for a song I wrote and performed. Please rate and comment at Youtube, and pass along if you like it. Thanks!